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There is no such thing as the job category, “motivational speaker”. You should take more cautious action regarding of this fact. If you happened to meet someone whose job is to motivate people, there is some sort sense of fraud. Careful.

In recent decades in many places around the world, people have been mesmerized by some public speakers, notably known as “motivational speaker”. It seems that everything they have spoken of will solve all of your problems right away.

In development countries where the gap between the elite and the poor is so obvious, the need for people to get motivated is exceptionally high. What is motivation anyway? Simply, it is all the reason for someone to do action in their life. At least that is what Wikipedia says [1]. This is what people looking for.

There is a strong demand from an audience who want the illusion those “motivational speaker” sell! Thus, those so-called “motivational speaker” business worked out!

When people’s mind clouded by this illusion, this is where the problem started. The words from the speakers became so mesmerized to the people, in a way that they couldn’t tell which one is the truth and which one is the deception. I would argue, that this phenomenon is similar to hypnosis but happened in different ways.

People do not care about what implies in the speech, even if the speakers is globally well-known, they do not care about their personal story how they became the speakers. Again, this is some sort of hypnosis in large masses. People became mesmerized and caught up in their own illusion and dream: to get motivated.

Interestingly enough the word “mesmerize” is originated from German Physician, Dr. Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer [2], who theorized that there was a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects that he called animal magnetism or simply mesmerism. Although, modern science has debunked this theory.

But even so, this theory of mesmerism has been derived to a general well-known term “hypnosis”. James Braid, based on Franz Mesmer theory although different in how the procedure worked, developed the term hypnosis. This term means a state where human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and thus enhanced capacity for response to suggestion [3].

Back to the motivational speakers, imagine you are attending their seminar and pay the entrance fee. You pay the fee because you expect to get what you want, regardless the specific theme for the seminar, right? With this in mind, you are set-up yourself on your own illusion, unless you REALLY KNOW what you are doing and what the reality behind of all your problems!

I am not saying that all the “motivational speakers” is bad. It is because sometimes simple minded people tend to be fallen into this trap, without knowing the reality behind it. If you are an employee at a private company, and the speaker told you to quit and then become an entrepreneur instead and follow your dream not to work in someone’s company, what will you do? Some people fall into this trap, they are becoming jobless, and they fail to become successful entrepreneurs! Is the speaker want to take this case as their responsibility? I doubt they will.

You should always remember to chant this magic words 🙂


Pieces that people need to observe is that many successful people having harsh life in their early life. Even some of them who happened to become successful speakers happened to live through hardship and difficulties. If you are aware of this reality then you can proceed, and enjoy your motivational seminar.

Again, there is no job category such as “motivational speaker”, as one article from Forbes says, “Speaking is an activity. It is a way to communicate your passion about a subject upon which you’re expert” [3].  

It’s all begin with the idea, passion, craft, and expertise. If you want to become one, having your story to be told in front of a big audience, start with those four!